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Financial Planning for Company Directors

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Retirement Planning

Executive/Self Administered Pensions

A tax efficient opportunity to transfer profits from your company to your retirement fund.


Approved Retirement Fund, ARF/AMRF

With an ARF you can continue to benefit from investment returns in retirement. Prior to setting up an ARF you must have a guaranteed pension income of at least €12,700 per annum or have invested €63,500 in an Approved Minimum Retirement Fund (AMRF).



If you require a guaranteed income in retirement, an annuity will provide this for you.



Life Cover

In the event of your untimely death, how can you best  provide for your dependants?


Inheritance Tax Cover

Will the value of your business assets, investments, property etc. create a tax liability for your family when you die?

Arranging Inheritance Tax cover will mean that your Family will not be required to borrow money or liquidate assets in order to cover the tax liability.


Company Directors Cover

This cover can be arranged for the unfortunate event of the death of a Company Director. On death, a lump sum would be paid out, enabling the surviving directors to buy the deceased person’s shares from their next-of-kin.


Keyman Cover

Where a company employs an Individual whose death would have a serious financial impact on the company, a life insurance policy can be arranged to compensate for this potential impact.



Lump Sum Investment

Do you have money sitting in your company or personal bank account that could be earning more growth? BHP can provide guidance in relation to the many options available in the market.


Regular Savings

You may want to earn interest on your capital but you also may need access to your money in the short-term. A regular saving contract will allow your money to grow without having to release a large amount of capital.