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Financial Planning for Individuals


What is a pension?

A pension is a saving which will allow you to maintain a certain lifestyle in retirement.


Why should I consider a pension?

There is an ever increasing need for people to look at their own situation and work out how things are likely to look for them at retirement.

State Pension age is increasing along with pressure on state benefits.


When should I start?

The simple answer is: as early as possible. The longer you save the better the outcome at retirement.


Personal Cover

Life cover

In the event of your untimely death, how can you best provide for your dependants?


Serious Illness/Income Protection

If you were unable to work as a result of illness or injury, what benefits would be available to you and your family? Could you provide more valuable benefits?


Investment and Savings

Investing an Inheritance or a windfall – What are your options?


Do you have a regular savings requirement?


Let BHP help you figure out:

  • your appetite for risk
  • your requirement for access to cash
  • what events do you need to plan for
  • what type of investment suits your needs