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Interview: John Moran of Johnsbridge Estate Residents Association

Martina Westphal              March 9, 2015

Johnsbridge Estate Residents Association was set up by the local residents in 2010 and now has a committee of 8 who meet up every 3 months. We speak to treasurer John Moran about the history of the organisation, its contribution to the community and his hopes for the future of the group.


Why was the residents association established?

There was no voice or body within the estate for any changes we intended to make to improve the aestheticism and safety within the estate. One of the earliest projects within the estate was to place a bolder with the name of the estate at the entrance along with plants and flowers, and various other green areas planting took place also. A nominated day was chosen also for all households to do weeding on their pathways and curb sides which continues to this day. And most importantly, “Slow Down” signage was up in many areas, as it is a young estate there are many children playing and their safety is a priority.


What has been the response from the community?

The response has been very strong which is shown in the membership numbers for the estate, a majority of the 160 homeowners are signed up members, in turn this invites them to the various events and activities arranged throughout the year. A Facebook page went live also which is constantly updated. Sadly, in recent times the need for home security has been heightened nationally, and any incidents or items worth sharing with the estate are notified on this page, and would be networked with the various other residents associations in the Lucan area.


What activities do you organise each year?

We are an active residents association and every year we try to organise at least four events which would normally include a fun day, a Santa day,  a Halloween party and an official clean-up day .


How does the committee raise funds for organised events and clean-up days ?

We allocate one day a year to call door to door and request the agreed charge for the association. The association was set up by the committee and has always been financially self-sufficient, however, we did receive a small amount of funding for tree planting from the local county council.


What are some of the challenges facing your resident associations?

In the beginning the main challenge was putting the committee together and encouraging locals to get involved. Five years on, we now have a well-established committee and structure which runs smoothly. Today, our biggest challenge is the wonderful Irish weather which often tries to spoil our family day.


What would you like to see the RA achieve in the future?

Stability within the organisation and continued support to the members of the association would fulfil our achievements as a committee, to continue being the voice for our community for many years to come.

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