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Spring clean for Tidy Towns

Mark Lee              March 9, 2015

It is that time of the year again when the there is a big push within hundreds of towns across Ireland to ensure that they are represented in the best possible fashion in the Tidy Towns Competition. Even though the work of a Tidy Towns group is a year-round project, it is in the spring and summer months when the fruits of all that labour is really noticeable. Apart from the competitions, Tidy Town groups contribute to the local community by:

  • Increasing pride in the town.
  • Increasing awareness of litter and waste management.
  • Conservation of wildlife.
  • Ensuring waterways and beaches are kept litter-free.
  • Providing a healthier environment.
  • Taking active roles in arranging festivals and parades.
  • Arrangement of Christmas lights.
  • Maintenance of green areas and picnic spots.


Once again the committees and volunteers who have given up their time and energy have done a fantastic job and we wish all of the Tidy Towns the best of luck in this year’s competition.

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