Press Release: BHP Community Limited – One Year Update

Press Release: BHP Community Limited – One Year Update
Uploaded by dave on 29.08.2019


BHP Community Ltd (“BHP Community”), a leading independent Irish broker specialising in the Not-For-Profit sector, was acquired by an investor consortium led by John Hannon and John Lacy one year ago on August 28th 2018 last as part of an investment thesis based on the acquisition of specialist Irish insurance brokers.

The BHP Insurance Not-for-Profit team, led by Martina Westphal, transitioned as part of the transaction.  Since then the Not-For-Profit BHP Community business has been an entirely separate entity to the commercial BHP Insurance business.

Since the acquisition BHP Community has performed very well and has maintained its strong position in the Irish Not-for-Profit market.

The general BHP Insurance commercial brokerage business (BHP Insurances Ltd), which was not focused on the Not-For-Profit sector, has now re-branded as PC Insurances and continues to be a fully separate entity from BHP Community (which now has the website address of

The platform that has been created with the acquisition of BHP Community is seeking further acquisitions of specialist insurance brokers in Ireland with the object of becoming one of the leading independent Irish owned insurance broker groups.


Martina Westphal: +353 1 629 9934 | [email protected]